29-05-18 A Sizzler

Tuesday 29th May 2018

I can always rely on two things to make me beam. One is an after school swim with Linus (and today is a sizzler). The other is receiving correspondence from Erroll. Since so much of our lives is conducted apart and in various countries we now have developed a love of writing to one another.

Here is his latest to me…

Just got to the airport after major jet lag this morning.
Today I went for a jog over the harbour bridge to north Sydney my usual canter for some Aussie fresh air.
I deposited money in the bank too!
I stopped by woolies and picked up some crumpA for Ninni also a small jar of vegemite and hair product.
When I got to Coogee Marlen was there so we hung out for a bit before she left again for work.
I told her when I am back that I will go with Con to a Roosters game she said that he would love that very much!
It is literally about to piss down at the airport shocking weather.
I just went to checkin at the Emirates desk with a staff that I know and she told me my flight is delayed by 2 hours because of another issue with one of the other Emirates flights so there has to be a plane swap.
Any who I had a long transit in Dubai before going to Athens so it will still be ok.
I will keep you posted sweet pea.
My flight number from Dubai to Athena is EK 103 scheduled to arrive tomorrow night at 8 pm.
Our Ninni is so precious waiting for the school bus.
Mucho Luv Your Husband.xxxx