Phuket Day 4: Hot Chippies & A Work Out

Thursday 25th May 2017

Our tropical life in Phuket oscillates between eating hot chippies and swimming/playing like its a work out. Kingsley’s diet is in the main made up of fried potatoes, spaghetti and icecream (though at dinner tonight we had a breakthrough when he gobbled up – like a starving person – crispy skinned chicken…and of course potato wedges. Again the potato; his drradful diet of late always featuring potato).

And the shame of it all is that we’re in Asian heaven with my second favourite cuisine at each of the six restaurants at our disposal here at Katathani Beach Resort. Perhaps I as Mummà enforcer of proper nutrition should make some effort on this front…but that’s not going to happen on this holiday. Mummà is off duty!!