01-07-18 Marino’s Σαράντα

Sunday 1st July 2018

The sad day of Marino’s ‘σαράντα’ is here so I dress Δωρόθεος in his Sunday finest and head to church. Correction: JiaJia Dora and Marīna take the child while I get to shower in peace. Novel! At 10:25am we all convene on the marble steps of church with these two scamps actually taking selfies on Phædon’s mums phone…

Later some lovely people at church drive Linus and I to Παλαιά Φοκαΐα for the commemorating feast in honour of the big man exactly 40 days ago laid to rest.

Knowing the chaos that comes from attempts to enclose two preschoolers on confinded spaces over protracted periods of time I fill my handbag with toys, puzzles, books, flash cards. These are literally not enough to keep the children entertained / seated. So by 1pm they break free of our clutches / baits with french fries and run about Ταβέρνα Γαλανά with abandon.

Alaxendra has barely a moment to mourn her husband; her child is being led astray by mine! Let this friendship last forever; its a beautiful thing. Oh, and Marino – may you rest in peace.