27-06-20 Twins: Visiting Elle & Ara

Saturday 27th June 2020

These two cherubs are so well behaved and enjoy their visit to Cassandra & Peter’s place in Picnic Point so much that we’re already planning our next visit.

Weren’t too keen on the jacuzzi though big bro Kingsley was, staying in the bubbly water with Elle till his hands wrinkled. The babies got nude, walked around in a strut inching toward the water but not ready to get in. Both bums in the sun and Keanu pissing here there and everywhere.

Favoured food is the tyropita, Keanu enjoying the sensation of eating all by himself.

Neither baby fussed or carried on throughout the day. With two puppies (LouLou & Destiny) all three Hartley kids are well entertained. All three kids are licked by the pups!