02-02-18 Bardon Park

Oma & Ba-Bāh tonight at Bardon Park I introduced myself to two boys and asked may I sit with them on the park bench. Mummà’s encouragement to make contact with young people means I feel confident making friends even at the park…and look! We spent 30 minutes playing with Harold the dog and I told the boys all about the cuts on my feet and how I fell down but didn’t hurt myself. They were cool especially the red head-he chatted with me alot. The curly-haired guy prolly didn’t want me hanging around but ho-hum! Harold fetched the stick I chucked. From excitement I had to do a poo (beneath a morton bay tree) so mummà took a doggy-do bag from the dispenser and – just like a doggy poo – cleaned up after me.

Love Kingsley