28-10-19 Kingsley: Crab

Monday 28th October 2019

Down at the rocks we hear a girl’s voice call out ‘καβούρι!’ and like a bullet Kingsley rushes to the rock pools where beautiful Jenny has pinned down a big crab with her stick. Kingsley of course wants to do the same so off I go to find a sturdy stick for him. Jenny isn’t much interested in Kingsley (being the know it all pushy stinky boy) but his perseverance pays dividends: he really wants to explore the low tide with her, asks me to be the go-between, I ask on his behalf ‘would you please play with Δωρόθεο?’ she shrugs and smiles which we take as a yes, and off he goes following the tall blonde with his stick and a bucket full of 5 year old enthusiasm.

Her name is Jenny. This I insist he finds out, not me. And duly so he says ‘με λένε Δωρόθεος. Πώς σε λένε?’

Meanwhile the babies get dunked in the water, every now and again Kingsley joining me but its mainly his adventuresome daddy he clings to.