29-01-19 Day 7

Tuesday 29th January 2019

We have plenty of delightful visitors today coming to meet the littlest Hartleys.

Early though Little Miss Elektra lets me sleep in; she’s passed out in her crib after bottle of boob milk. She’s voracious and I can only be with her half the time; her poorly bro needs me too down at NICU. And that’s where we are at 4:45am – down at NICU me feeding Elektra on the way and readying myself to do the same for our darling boy.

At 6am as I change his nappy he pisses everywhere. Rookie mistake not covering his willy while changing him.

In the day we have Onza and Julia, mum and Kingsley chaperoned here by Erroll then at night Aleka and Adam. The little red & white outfits the twins wear are a hand sown gift from darling Onza – their Chinese New Year gear…