Ch. 30: 4D

The Seahorse was finally real to me. It happened on our 6th scan when the obs/gyn who was to deliver our baby come December showed Erroll and I something that was to blow our minds.

We had just met the charming Dr Christian Jozse in his clinic, first consultation with this hard-to-get-into, highly reputed obs/gyn specialist under our belt and after many weeks debating the merits of various other delivering doctors residing in Dubai, Erroll and I made our decision there and then. We wanted this man to help me deliver our beloved Seahorse. We were 22 weeks along, and it seemed the right thing to do, so we asked, “Dr Jozse, would you like to deliver our baby?”

He answered with a wide smile. Gladly I will was his reply, a subtly discernible German/Austrian accent made me immediately feel like I was in the very best of hands. Up I went onto the examination bed for a scan I would never, ever forget…

The Seahorse @ 22 weeks gestational age

The Seahorse @ 22 weeks gestational age

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Well, if real means my eyes could finally rest upon its image, then the Seahorse was as real as me as anything else that I have seen or touched in my life. Our little Seahorse, clear in 4-dimensions and bobbing gently within its amniotic sac, was in front of my face, up on the screen, an ultrasound that day proving the most thrilling experience of my life.


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