29-12-20 Twins: Daddy’s on a Layover

Tuesday 29th December 2020

Chaos this morning at Casa Coogee with Erroll interstate on his first layover in 8 months, the kids take over and I’ve lost control! The babies wake at a very decent time however (8:30am) though Elektra drinks so much water throughout the night I am up twice to change her sopping nappy, then change the sheets in the morning. Standard at our household our washing machine paying its worth a thousand times over.

They’re too wound up to nap though desperately need it. In I trot them but Keanu simply cannot or won’t allow sleep to overcome him. Elektra does a most unsatisfactory power nap. I rouse on them literally yelling “GET TO BED!” like a crazy fish wife. They laugh in my face! I threaten to leave them in the room together alone obce, twice then on the third time stomp out and close the door behind me. Surely that’ll show them! Nope! All it does is cause misery, hysterical crying and a fit of coughing which very nearly ended up in Keanu vomiting. So that didn’t work!

I have to let Elektra out, and at 6:30 pm Keanu finally falls into a deep sleep. Its now almost 11 and I changed his sopping nappy. He didn’t stir.

The kids all enjoyed playing with colourful pins for 4 minutes till one of them decides to chuck the tiny pins across the room and scatter the pieces throughout the house.