05-05-18 Afternoon: Tavener Pool Party

Saturday 5th May 2018

After a 1.5 hour nap Kingsley is ready for Part II of the day: Imogen and Ethan’s pool party…and Kingsley is the special guest! Imogen greets us at the door with a huge smile and so receptive of Kingsley’s hugs. They’re mates from years ago and remember their faces. He brings her gifts: a bubble machine and stickers. Hits.

Miss Leanne arrives – my old friend from Meraas. Its pool party time!

Ruby the dog is hugged, kissed, patted, played with, fed, then kicked. The kids go feral with bashing each other, then immediately after, chasing for fun and picking up Ruby’s poo from the lawn. We use the pooper-scooper and the kids are thrilled that one poo is left behind.