01-06-20 Twins: Chatswood

Monday 1st June 2020

Little guy is a bit snotty so perfect excuse to give him Neurofen. He’s a happy baby though won’t bloodywell nap. He finally succumbs to sleep, in the car driving home from Chatswood where we spent our day today.

Elektra of course is a histrionic madam chatty, demanding, vocal, insolent already! She does however nap easily. Hers came during a mid morning drive around Coogee just her and Erroll while I got us packed for our drive over the bridge!

Elektra is walking unaided five to six steps. She’s proud of herself, standing uo straight to eat her breakfast or come close to me for a cuddle. This afternoon we walked up to Erroll for a big hug. Keanu isn’t in such a hurry. He’s happy to stand straight with those powerful thighs though crawling is more his thing.