03-02-17 Jet-lag Day Indoors

Friday 3rd February 2017

Jet-lag has struck. We are used to it with the non stop travel we are doing/I am dragging Kingsley on; it doesn’t cause us upset or ‘muck up’ our ‘schedules’ (we have no schedule to muck up). So I take it as fair play that Kingsley the bedraggled child will be down when he should be up and up eating hungrily when it is 3 in the morning.

On wake up at 3 Kingsley requests macaroni and cheese, which I make using tiny Greek durum wheat stars, French butter and Italian parmesan cheese. He is insatiable; wants more. Give him more. Next he devours two babybels, then a tub of Arabic strained yoghurt, then two slices wholewheat toast then an apple. At that point Kingsley fell back to sleep!

I leave at 9AM to visit Rio and her newborn boy Kai, at Al Zahra Hospital in Barsha, leaving the boys to play in the apartment. By Erroll’s account when I returned late in the afternoon Kingsley could not keep his attention on one game or toy, such was his awe at being back at home with all his things.

Best of all, come 4PM we all three of us take a family nap only for Kingsley to wake at 3AM! That’s a record eleven hours of nap time!! And the reason? Summer holidays spent in Sydney…