16-08-19 Kingsley: Spencer

Friday 16th August 2019

Erroll away day 2 and I manage to feed and clothe Linus ready for school bribing him to eat three eggs and his ham & cheese toastie for breakfast with use of his cool Bluetooth headphones to watch a fairytale. It worked!

We slept in the same bed last night Kingsley, Keanu and I, and Kingsley no joke took up four fifths of this King bed. So Linus wakes refreshed. I am most certainly not. Dark sunnies help though.

Minutes late to school we are however the art class teacher was kind enough not to mark him late. I blame Kingsley for his tardiness what with his last second request for a poo. But late we are not; our track record remains 100%.

This arvo we have a very special impromptu hour with Spencer, Kingsley’s great jiu-jitsu mate after their double class. Of course I make it memorable with ice-creams (2 each!) and cookies and a long walk to Bronte Road during tonight’s balmy evening.