Kingsley: Layla

Friday 18th July 2014

Kingsley Charles visited Layla Jasmine today and was bowled over by the sheer wonder of her home. Kingsley had never visited a friend before so did not hold any expectations of what would be waiting for him. And if his parents’ home was anything to go by, all he could hope for would be afew soft toys in the shape of animals hidden in a basket and difficult to reach plus one colourful quilt to lay on while watching a first generation IPAD.

Little did Kingsley expect to see the entire contents of his nursery laid out in front to him for his own personal use and pleasure!! And his hostess, Layla, took on her duties very seriously, ensuring her guest had first dibs on any toy he wished to play with…

Bubbly Shams 018

Layla introduces Kingsley to the ‘Jumperoo’ – a contraption in which the infant sits and practices standing and jumping. BIG HIT WITH THE BOY.

Bubbly Shams 016

Kingsley attempts to impress Layla with his fine motor skills by giving her a green toy which rattles. Layla marks her delight at his chivalry by accepting the toy from his hands.

Bubbly Shams 015

Both infants then play together, making sure any and all buttons on the Jumperoo are pressed. Loud tunes and colourful lights are the result. WIN!

Bubbly Shams 014

Kingsley is momentarily overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Layla respectfully steps back giving her guest ample time to calm down again. She immediately decides to forgive and forget his fleeting digression.

Kingsley is shown the ropes by Layla

Layla has a good mind to ask the wayward Kingsley to leave…but she was brought up better than that. Daddy’s just over there and he likes the boy, so Kingsley shall stay a little longer and play with her toys. After all, he IS cute…


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