28-07-19 Kingsley: Gala Day

Sunday 28th July 2019

Today I dedicate to Kingsley. Every hour I plan with his entertainment, comfort and safety in mind. There is no way I’m missing out on his Rugby League Gala Day so we schlep the entire family into the Tiguan early hours in order to get to Booralee Park for 9am training and warm up. Both babies are so well behaved but mind you I gave them a stern warning not to rain on their big brother’s parade.

It is his day among mates – his fellow Coogee Dolphins under 6’s players (Teddy, Ellie, Brocky, Alex, Sonny and Lexie), Coach Dane, Reserve Coach Steve, and Alex’s dad Costa to name afew – so we come prepared to party at the picnic with ice-creams.

The team play three games of 10 minutes each with strong tackling by Kingsley and lightening runs by Lexie. I managed to video Kingsley scoring Try after Try and some impressive courage by way of tackles. We play the Redfern All Blacks, Botany Rams and if memory serves me, Maroubra Bay.

Once home my sole objective is to bathe and feed the kid as I am highly strung over the crap he eats at the Gala picnic. All the parents brought dreadful junk food! I never thought I’d see the day Kingsley eats a Krispy Kreme…right after two ice-creams. Followed by numerous Oreos – the same bloody Oreos I won’t allow Linus to buy (or eat) from Woolies. I say to him ‘no bloody way you’re eating Oreos! Eat this banana instead. Drink thjs blueberry fermented yoghurt instead.’