Kingsley: Sushi

Ramadan – July 2016

Well if I hadn’t seen it, I would not have believed it: Kingsley going crazy on a plate of Japanese cuisine. Sushi, sashimi, seaweed…all my own favourites; demolished. It happened on a sunny Friday at brunch among friends at the iconic Jumeira Beach Hotel’s Latitude Restaurant. It took me by surprise. I had to take photos.

Upon arrival at Latitude, we were all really hungry and ready to feast on the international buffet but I couldn’t coordinate selecting what I wanted to devour with Kingsley hanging off me, so I left him with Katya and Roberto at our table (drinks had already arrived so we had two happy adults at least), got my plate together (pure Japanese and seafood of course) plopped it on the table then rushed to get his plate.

Perhaps he ate whatever was on my plate while I was away piling his own because he was half starved after a day’s adventures with our Dutch friends (and an impromptu swim in the Arabian Gulf); perhaps he actually liked smoked salmon and prawns (who doesn’t). I don’t mind what the reason. Suffice now that he got a taste for the raw freshness of Japanese and he was stuffing his happy face with the sensational food and cleared his (my) plate. A successful brunch indeed.


Good friend Roberto visiting from Netherlands with Katya.


Salmon sushi rolls.


Seaweed rolls.


Seaweed salad.


Cucumber sushi.