Day 5: By the Pool

Friday 19th February 2016

I wasn’t really sure how today would play out, what with having to self administer a needle at precisely 4pm, and having agreed to attend a friend’s all-day pool party with the kidlet. Was I going to be back home from the party by 4? Should I take the box of meds with me to the pool? If I did take them with me, how was I to explain to the hostess that I needed the meds refrigerated??

But knowing myself pretty well (I would stay out late for sure, considering the divine weather and the pool and lots of other kidlets for Kingsley to play with) meant that yes, that box of delicate hormones must accompany Kingsley and I to Darine’s house. I was nervous about keeping it out of the fridge for the long metro ride there and those hours poolside but in the end I managed just fine, even asking Darine’s housemaid to store it away behind the pickles and cheese wheel.

At 6:30pm, Kingsley and I were still at Darine’s place, our bathing suits wet from hours in and out of the water. We were having a gay time among her family, even eating dinner with them all. I was relieved and at ease, for exactly two and a half hours prior I had excused myself from the gathering, locked myself in the guest powder room, and injected the prescribed 450 micro units into a handful of abdominal fat.

Hands washed, sharps dispensed with safely, then back out to the party. Never been such a great day by the pool!

Spending today with my charge

Spending today with my charge