27-10-20 Twins: IKEA Returns

Tuesday 27th October 2020

Its the never ending need to visit ikea this time to return stuff we can’t use and in the interim for the babies to pass out in the car. When they’re not sleeping these two are arguing. Non stop bickering. Elektra forever asserting her dominance, Keanu shooing her like a fly.

When not sleeping and fighting I offer them chicken nuggets 10 pieces for $6. Keanu is keen to eat and bites through even though they’re hot. Elektra is a princess carrying on accusing me of burning her tongue with loud “ouwie”. She prefers the hand sanitiser pumps to play with anyway; Keanu and Erroll polishing off the nuggets.

This must be our umpteenth time to IKEA the kids going crazy, pulling each other’s hair and yanking clothes. So now we must save them from themselves by placing them in separate trolleys!

The pushing and shoving stopped immediately with the nuggets down their cake-holes. Now to choose among the Godmorgen bathroom vanity sets.