09-03-19 Kingsley: Overdose

Saturday 9th March 2019

A message from Scott…

Darling, Kingsley was an absolute treat in the salon today, all the staff and client said when he left his well behaved and charming he was.
And with me cutting his hair he was so chilled, relaxed, excited and did exactly what he was told ” keep your head still” lol.
He’s an amazing smart little fella, he blew me away with some of the stuff he was saying for a 5 year old.
Your an awesome mumma and have done an amazing job, he’s a little treat.
Not just saying that cause your bestie! ( have told girlfriends before their kids are terrors) 😘

Kingsley, I must confess to you as i did on this day  to your dad and to Oma. I overdose you on a medication. Didn’t evn bother reading or looking up how much to give a 5 year old. Nope; just arrogantly instructed you to open wide and in i poured a tablespoon full of Zyrtec…when the correct dose for your size is 2.5mL. I’m so sorry darling.  I’m sorry for your behaviour which led your daddy to reprimand you. And for your Oma to become confused and upset. We all know you as a kind and gentle boy. Today (after the overdose) you lost control.

Its now 9pm and you’re fast asleep. It took all of 2 minutes for you to pass out. I of course am wringing my hands with worry and anxiety over my thoughtless and dangerous act. Have rung your Oma and Scott even Joanna to explain  (confess) why you were out of control today (the overdose), spoke with your JiaJia too.

Your daddy will keep a very close eye on you tonight. Bad mumma.