08-04-18 Orthodox Easter

Sunday 8th April 2018

This time last year I was pregnant (boo) and enjoying Easter lunch with our Greek relatives and friends in Kālamos north-east of Athens. There, Kingsley burnt the palms of his hands on a stake which was used to cook the lamb on the spit.

This year we’re in Coogee (and most definitely not preggo) among kin and I turned into the bunny Aunty Aliki with Tilly and Kingsley the cousins as well as Kingsley & his other first cousins, Aleka, Jeremy, Pete, Adam all pitching in to create a memorable Easter for one and all.

If course Kingsley had a melt down or three but that was excusable as 1) it was a stinking hot day; 2) he was dehydrated; 3) was outdoors in direct sun sweating it up near the flaming lamb; 4) overwhelmed by the number of guests in our back yard; 5) wanted his dad’s attention/to kick the ball around/be cuddled/fed/watered etc simultaneously. Somution was simple: pick him up (crook lower back and all) and take him upstairs, plonk in front of ABC for Kids, ply with food/water and bring his cousin Tilly up for a quiet play.

How magnificent an Easter: Kingsley among all his first cousins, both granmas JiaJia & Oma, all his uncles & aunts and incredibly his Ba-Bāh.