21-02-19 Clean Keanu

Thursday 21st February 2019

Its cousin Aleka’s birthday today turning 25 cutting cake and singing happy birthday a small group of us celebrate. Kingsley baked the birthday cake after school, does his homework, eats dinner, takes a shower, invites Aleka upstairs then lights her candles. All the while our babies sleep right through the festivities.

They’re not much into festivities anyhow, preferring boob, bottle, blankets and bed. So we sung without them. Keanu especially is the quieter child preferring to be snuggly dressed and enjoys his bath in the basin where we wash him.

While Keanu bathes I watch in awe how the small but mighty thrive: he’s already lifting his head and moving it side to side. His appetite is a force not to be denied. Oh and that voice – he’s found it! Gives his loud sister a run for her money.

Screaming, feeding, sleeping, pooing and bathing…oh, and waking often. Just some of the leisurely pursuits our clean Keanu enjoys…