06-08-19 Kingsley: King Arthur, Kingsguard & Queen Bea

Tuesday 6th August 2019

Arthur and his mate Kingsley riled up little Bea for a trip to the playground after jiu-jitsu. The Three Amigos badgered me and Miguela till we relented, the five of us walking down Spring Street on this extraordinary winter’s evening so still and mild.

The entire playground was transformed into King Arthur, Queen Bea and their Kingsguard’s Kingdom. Other kiddies there excitedly joined in the fun. A little girl dressed as some Frozen Princess approaches the gate with her mum, Kingsguard opening it up for them and with the sweep of his hand welcomes the Princess in to their Kingdom. All the mummies clap are cheer this small but mighty guard of Realm wearing a grey belt over his Gi.

We stay long. Long enough for Arthur to grow wild enough to eat the bark and soil beneath the play equipment. Kingsley too is hungry but waits till we visit Coles for his Chobani Vanilla yoghurt squirt.