20-01-21 Kingsley: Reading while Daddy’s Gone

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Much adding to my anxiety is the thought of Erroll leaving for a layover to return tomorrow night. What to do with Kingsley my darling boy who’s currently addicted to playing apps on my phone?!

Induce him to read books, that’s what! And read he does, for the privilege of playing. Today he reads alot, avd widely I’m proud to say. Plus he gets a great deal of action at the Eastgardens soft play with the twins and new friends he makes very rapidly.

He decides to accompany Erroll to Eastgardens and meet me there becausetthe thought of remaining at home with Γιαγιά sans mobile phone and WiFi terrifies him (already!). So he joins me and the twins, whines what he doesn’t want to shop for groceries then he whines that he wants new Elmer’s Goo and then he whines that the soft play area is ‘boring’.

But its allure is too great: onto the firm yet spongy mats avd climbing structures he goes the twins delighted “Νινί” has joined them.

Between physical activity, reading, eating and playing apps Kingsley has all bases covered. He gets my phone tonight while I sleep the babies, then he gets Γιαγιά all to himself cuddling to sleep.