05-09-17 Taking Blue Bus 122

Tuesday 5th September 2017

For our second day of preschool we take blue bus 122 from our town square to glorious Galăzia Aktī, alight and walk at a clip 500 meters so we are not late! With one minute to spare I get you into Miss Ioānna’s classroom: 9am sharp you’re seated and spellbound by the pretty colours of a well balanced classroom for babies.

I don’t leave easily or quickly: two hours is spent hovering at school sneaking glances at you seated near the door of your class. You read a book about the planets.  A waling child is dragged into class by his distraught granny: he’s not wanting any of this school business. He’s desperate for his dummy; its lost. But I find it at the school gates and rush back to the teary baby who’s forced into class. Washed the dummy is returned into its rightful mouth and I spot you, so concerned that you are for your hysterical mate, get out of your seat and comfort him.