Kingsley: Pool Days with Cousins

Dear Kingsley,

If by some chance in the future you decide to have a go at us your parents for not providing you with sufficient stimulating summer breaks, I will promptly show you this: a snapshot of how we your parents gave you endless summers and fun pool days while living in Dubai. I swear, you were never without sunshine, a pool to splash in or a beach to ramble on.

Here in these pictures you will find evidence of serious family fun: a day we spent at the Westin Hotel Mina Seyahi Dubai with your Dutch cousins visiting us from Australia. If we weren’t swimming, we were playing at the Kids Club, watching movies, wandering through the green grounds and of course your favourite pass time, boobing…

_NKN0673 _NKN0677 _NKN0728 _NKN0770 _NKN0796 Aliki Linus Erroll Linus Linus Erroll

BF Westin