03-04-20 Twins: Keanu won’t Nap

Friday 3rd April 2020

The number of known COVID-19 cases has passed one million worldwide; there are more than 53,000 reported deaths from the virus and more than 211,000 people have recovered, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally.

Meanwhile in my universe, Elektra falls victim to sleep within minutes of being strapped in her side of the double pram whereas Keanu just won’t nap. It’s so distressing to watch. He wants to nap, he doesn’t want to nap. He resists sleep, eyes become red, cries out from confusion and delirium.

Made a fatal mistake this evening while out on our second walk. Sensing he’d finally passed out and noticing the angle of his neck, and assuming he was in the deepest of sleep, I lower his bed…only to see him jerk up and cry hysterically from being shocked awake. My darling baby son, I’m so sorry! Won’t ever disturb your hard-fought nap ever again.