08-08-19 Kingsley: One Tired Μαμά

Thursday 8th August 2019

My number one baby, here is your μαμά completely exhausted from the energy output of providing the world for your pleasures and education. But I’m more thsn just my tired eyes: I’m bubbling over in joy and satisfaction for having given you not one but two babies to call your own.

Each morning these past few weeks you climb into bed with me and whichever bebe is laying next to me. School shoes and all; in you get under the blanket. And while I scold you, The baby smiles widely and squeaks from happiness. Both bsbies adore you, Kingsley!

This morning’s ritual follows the same pattern: three of us in the smallest bed cosying up to each other while I pretend to be mad that you’ve hopped in bed wearing shoes! But the truth is, my heart bursts when first thing in the morning I watch you and the twins play lovingly together. This is the moment all my tiredness is erased and replaced by joy.