03-11-19 Kingsley: Final Sunday in Greece

Sunday 3rd November 2019

This is our second summery November in Greece, one in which we still swim and explore. Kingsley and I are off together (along with a very easy going Keanu) on adventures. Three times he’s in the Saronic waters today in and out mainly with his daddy diving from rocks, wearing protective footwear and luckily so: a woman emerged from the sea limping having stepped on a sea urchin it’s spikes breaking into her heel. 4 spikes I count.

Mind you getting those sea boots on Kingsley’s feet is a mission. Johnsons Baby Powder and a shoe horn suctions them on.

This arvo his second cousins arrive and spoil us all. The 3 kids get so much by way of gifts and clothes. Aliki plays with Kingsley immediately tipping the box of Duplo on Θεία Μαρίνα tiles while Elektra vomits a bit.

A new record is set tonight: dinner of 4 γιαγιά Δώρα μπιφτέκια plus a bowl of pasta washed down with glasses of milk. Favourite shows are on and I allow him to watch late: Gormiti, Alvin. Tomorrow is school, milking my opportunity to pay for the privilege of teaching our son Greek, properly, possibly for the very last time.