Kingsley: 7Yrs+03Mths

Sunday 7th February 2021

How is it possible you are so lippy these daya? Do oppositional, defiant and self centred whenever you’re with me. But with others you show a generous spirit, obedience and attentiveness? I’m afraid you and I are forever fierce because I can’t give you the attention you deserve so your default position is ‘can I watch a movie?’. Then I have you read (today its finally finishing ‘101 Dalmatians’) bit don’t we get into a fight over it! How many pages? You aggressively ask me. 10. 10? That’s too many! Then the tears and tantrums! Then we go into negotiations and life gets tough for us both. But we soften: you finish the book, even enjoy reading it, and I hand over my phone on one proviso: the show must be Greek and/or must be science based.

And just like that we’re back to loving each other.