26-04-18 Final Day in Oz

Thursday 26th April 2018

The kiddo travels like a pro, I swear. Again this long haul: chilled in his seat for most of the flight; headphones on to watch his shows; enjoying the games onboard without badgering me to join him; actually enjoys the service and eats alot; informs me with plenty time his need to go to the loo; slept for hours; allowed me to watch shows!!

Erroll took Kingsley up to the business class lounge on the upper deck (I was envious let me tell you) however the child wasn’t impressed! Said he wanted to come down again. Admittedly its fun in our dedicated four seats. Laying on a bed of 100 blankets is much more cosy than stifly sitting at the bar sipping a pineapple juice.

Erroll really looked after us on board. I got loads of treats: dates, dried fruit, tasty fare. Kingsley got his beloved hot chocolate in a take away cup and hung with his crew in the galley. I got to pass out splayed in our cosy nest.

All in all, an easy flight back to Dubai in order to pack up our lives there for good.