Run Away

Wednesday 28th June 2016

Someone ran away from his mum today, in a busy hypermarket, among the scores of toy aisles he disappeared yet close enough to the entrance/exit so that the mum began to panic. Yes, this little one, oblivious to danger and my high anxiety he followed his nose with extremely quick legs. I was putting away the toys he threw over the floor, back onto the shelves, lost sight of him for all of a few moments, looked up to find him…gone.

Yelling his name in both languages didn’t make a difference; he didn’t respond. Aisle upon aisle I scoured. Nothing. Caught sight of the store exit and felt sick to the stomach. Grabbed the nearest assistant and told him my boy is lost, missing in the store. A kind lady helped me look while other store workers began the lookout for a two year old boy with curly blonde hair wearing a white shirt. All I could see was my boy running into the wider mall and becoming lost to me. My eyes must have looked HUGE as I turned toward a worker approaching me saying he’d spotted my boy ‘over there, in the cars and trucks corner.’

Kingsley was in heaven touching this toy, trials for that bike. I knelt next to him and he smiled at me, oblivious to the chaos he cussed. Next, up my nose what the whiff: I smelt a powerful poo freshly baked. Ahhh, should have known: he runs when it’s poo time and to be fair to him, he had given me warning (fîge mammá!! He tells me to ‘go away’ as he is lays one).

Extra hugs were administered once he was safely in my presence, and I had changed his nappy. This runaway child will either be an Olympic athlete or…or nothing. I’m determined to put his sprinting talents to good use, and stop myself from having nervous breakdowns in the future!

Wearing gifts from Oma today: shirt and jeans (Kingsley) and white pants (me)

Wearing gifts from Oma today: shirt and jeans (Kingsley) and white pants (me)