22-03-21 Elektra: At Nursery

Monday 22nd March 2021

A note from Elektra’s nursery:

Settling into Platinum: 

Elektra has been settling into Platinum very well! She enjoys playing with the babies in the home corner, drawing, stories and enjoys doing craft experiences. My goal for this month is to make Elektra feel as comfortable as possible whilst at Platinum and for her to get to know her peers and teachers.

I can see that Elektra has a big interest in babies as she always has her own baby with her. She likes to hold her baby up and smile at me and say ‘Bebe’. I would like to get some of her peers to come and do a fun baby learning experience where they can dress the babies, feed them, clean them and put them to sleep. I feel that this learning experience can really help Elektra build her own friendships and relationships with her peers as a lot of the children have the same interest as her with the babies.

We love having you here Elektra and can’t wait to watch your progress over the next month!