06-10-16 Night at the Opera

Thursday 6th October 2016

On our own today as Erroll flew off to Moscow early hours this morning. I hadn’t realized he was flown away when I woke, thinking he was merely off to the gym for a couple of hours. Shuffling into the kitchen, once I began preparing his banana smoothie, my phone signaled a message had come through: it was Erroll, at the airport, ready to fly to Mother Russia. Righto then; today is will be just Kingsley and I; let’s get cracking!

Half days spent in the house are really very pleasant and stress-free since the end game is always a relaxing early afternoon nap (for Kingsley) and a couple of hours downtime dedicated to social media updates, responding to emails, and creative writing, all the while cozy in bed with my lamb. However if we stay in doors the first half of the day, it’s only fitting to get out of the house for the second half.

Kingsley watched as I dressed…then dressed himself! In flairing red, black and white Muay Thai shirts and my Pull & Bear studded high heel ankle boots; befitting actually as I was determined to take us to the newly opened Dubai Opera, by foot. A very pretty space indeed but not at all inspiring for Kingsley, for he wanted a swim, late as it was. So swimming we went. I found an executive tower in Downtown, I pushed his buggy through the front doors, into the lobby, past security, and into the lift noting on our way that the pool deck is on the 5th floor.

Its all about confidence (and showing your child a great time) and we hit the jackpot at this nameless executive tower – a glorious urban outdoor oasis with three pools, cascading waterfalls, outdoor showers, deck chairs, swaying trees and a killer view, all amid the skyscrapers of Dubai and decorated by frangipani trees above our heads. We swam, played, showered, dressed and left the building.

Its what this duo gets up to on an average Thursday night ‘at home’…

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