25-01-19 Day 3


We have medical progress by the end of our third day in NICU: Elektra is officially discharged from critical care and Keanu has his canula removed; no more drip feeding!

Elektra is a champion at latching and loves boob. Keanu isn’t quite there yet: he’s weak and getting a mix of Aptamil and colostrum from his nasogastric tube (the insertion of which I watched and quietly wept over).

Right now its 11:24pm and Princess Elektra of Argos is on the non-painful left boob (or as Kingsley knows it, ‘Omega’) while her brother is by himself once again in the NICU. After burps and putting Elektra in her cot a most necessary shower I aim to take then send to Keanu some boob milk.

We recieved many visitors today all providing me with love and chat and they get to meet the babies in NICU: Sylvia & Matt, Jeremy and Annamiek. I am beyond exhausted all arvo but life is great: Kingsley enjoying holidays with his daddy and Oma safely away from the chaos of hospital life. Tomorrow our first born will meet his siblings.