09-06-20 Twins: Zoo

Tuesday 9th June 2020

We’re going in a bear hunt, we’re gonna catch a big one…

Today’s our Zoo day just the four of us though for half the day Keanu is asleep in the car and Elektra is introduced to elephants and goats (save for three sleepy Kangaroos, these are the only animals on show). We’re actually supposed to visit Maria in Denistone but she cancels as Gianluca has a stomach bug. Plan B is the zoo after so many months off the agenda due to Covid-19.

Getting out of the house on time is a mystical event as I turn into the Cleaning Faery after Keanu vomits up half a kilo of briny feta. It’s everywhere. He’s unwell from salt intake. Teflon Tummy Elektra has no refrain from feta either but can stomach it.

Both babies miraculously drift off to sleep but staggered by an 45 minutes: the girl passing out the instant Erroll straps her in the car; the boy 10 minutes out from the zoo. So we stagger our visit: I take Elektra to see the goats and alpacas while Erroll stays with our boy for over an hour of rest.

Once together, with an hour before we must depart for Linus, our lambs enjoy the sleepy kangaroos the girl so excited that she wee’s herself. Stuff leaving the only enclosure which shows wildlife: Erroll and I change her nappy there and then. But before then she watched the elephants go by…