28-03-17 Wee up the Tree

Tuesday 28th March 2017

I got a few hours to myself and had lunch with Camilla at the Dubai Garden Centre – my very first time there in the 8 years of life here. While we enjoyed dark berries yoghurt, you darling son enjoyed eating half a chicken, two eggs and a patty of Wagyu beef while at home with JiaJia Dora.

After your nap in the late afternoon JiaJia Dora took you for a walk along Sheikh Zayed Road, you visited Mr. John at the Kodak Store, then you guys did some grocery shopping at Delma where you did a wee in the shop. JiaJia Dora had you wee no less that twice by a tree (‘helping it grow’ as you always assure me as you piss up the trunk) but even twice was not enough. With shopping bags hanging from your arms you both open the door but it was those wet shorts that gave it away, and straight into the bath you went.