15-06-19 Kingsley: Light Sabre

Saturday 15th June 2019

We’re on a mission today: to track down a retractable light sabre in the Star Wars theme similar to what coach Mike uses after jiu-jitsu instruction. Kingsley has asked for it and he deserves it. You see he apologized to Mike and Raf this morning for misbehaving in yesterday’s class. Both coaches appreciated the apology abd commended the boy for doing so.

I wasn’t at class today however Erroll reported that Kingsley was on fire! His first tournament is but a week away so intense training is on this week’s cards. Erroll even weighed the child this afternoon just to see which weight category he’ll fall into. Standing taller than the average 7 year old Kingsley weighs as much as they do so he may well go up a fight division. Our baby in battle!

He’s still very much our baby as evidenced by wanting that bloody light sabre (finally found in a toy store at Eastgardens), playing at the soft play outside Woolies with school pal Mia (happenchance encounter!) and staying by mumma’s side when its all too much…