08-01-21 Kingsley: Zac Power

Friday 8th January 2021

Our arguments are escalating more and more as I allow Kingsley access to phone apps his obsession with playing games albeit innocent ones and as I have discovered this morning off line becoming overbearing. But I leverage this phone (actually being MINE) by insisting he reads. And read he does, the entire Zac Power boxed series he’s devouring, and I proudly listen to him read with enthusiasm even though he’d rather be playing.

But I’ll continue to let him know his brain shrinks the longer he plays and to counter the damage done he must read. Some are 7 year old boys books some are early reader books some are delightful books to be read by parents to children. Kingsley is ploughing through the mountains of books we own and each one he completes is added to a dedicated book shelf in the hall just outside my bedroom.

Tonight 7pm en route to Woolies while sitting in the double buggy Keanu amused on his left Kingsley finishes his 10th Zac Power book then records his thanks to Daniela and son Adrian who gave them to him.