11-05-18 Tooby Time

Friday 11th May 2018

A second visit to Children’s City but this time with our excellent family friends, the Toobys. This farewell day for our kids has been planned for a fortnight; Byron, Kingsley and Harrison will be firm mates for life and today’s adventures among this old interactive children’s science museum cements this mateship.

During the Planetarium show (narrated by Liam Neeson no less) the kids eat Carrefour brand tortillas, Carrs water crackers and home made vanilla cake. Its carbo loading so by the tail end of the show they’re climbing the walls (i.e kicking the backs of our chairs. You see we allowed the 4 year olds to sit together, and behind us adults; a first!)

A cute Egyptian kiddie – Shamsa – joined our crew. His mousy blonde curls mixing with Kingsley’s as they held hands throughout the day. They met in the soft play at exactly 2.30 PM as we awaited the arrival of the Toobys, then with immediate effect they became inseparable, and Shamsa then joined the entire lot of us till sunset when we left Children’s City for the very last time.