Twins: Photos Week By Week

Look how the little Hartley progress…

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Twins: Life of 18 Weekers

Saturday 1st June 2019

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12-06-19 Keanu: Mumma’s Boy

Wednesday 12th June 2019

This little fella is so patient, so sweet and gentle, always waits his turn giving big sister access to mumma all the time that I began to feel he is missing out. Missing out on precious moments snuggling with me and to tell the truth I needed to be more near my son.

So with all my strength and calmness I managed to put Elektra down for her day nap (with no fuss!) and swooped upon Keanu. I wasn’t letting go!

So for Wednesday it was the Keanu and Mummā show: dress-ups, boobing, walking to collect Kingsley from school, wearing him all afternoon and the best treat for me: having Keanu on my bed for sleepy times.

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11-06-19 Kingsley: Chess

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Chess club went well today, Miss Panousis tells me at school pickup. Kingsley is most certainly getting to grips with his moves and thinking two steps ahead. And loves attending. So why would you ruin a year 2’s artwork while in the classroom, Miss P asks Kingsley. He inexplicably crushed then stomped on a piece of art another student left on her desk; the same desk Kingsley sat at during chess club today.

He didn’t answer his teacher. He has no reason to ruin other’s things. And for this infringement he was sent to Mr. Townsend’s office (much to my dismay).

And for disrespecting others’ belongings I was not going to buy Kingsley a treat after jiu-jitsu. No icecream and no Smiggles starionary. He cried, he thumped his fist and stomped his feet…but I remained unwavering.

Fast forward to tonight as I lay with him in bed reading his (super easy) reader ‘I Want Icecream’ our son turns to me and declares that he loves mm e to the moon and back. I LOVE YOU MUM he beams at me. Then, now don’t forget to put 5 drops in my ear!

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10-06-19 Twins: Snuggling

Monday 10th June 2019

I’m becoming acutely aware of how little time I spend snuggling both babies. At 4 months old all I did was snuggle Kingsley. Its a different beast these days being pulled by three babies. So today I decided to just lay with both of the twins at different times: with Keanu while Elektra was snoozing and right now at 6:30pm with Elektra while Keanu sleeps in his bassinet.

Its delightful and fulfilling! Kingsley at this minute is enjoying dunking crispy rusks into Jiajia’s milky coffee and I’m free to cuddle the little lady. She smiles her million dollar gummy mouth up at me then closes her eyelids.

This afternoon Kingsley cuddled his little sister as well. We’re all in snuggly moods.

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10-06-19 Kingskey: Elektra Obsessed

Monday 10th June 2019

A glorious winter’s day warm and sunny is in front of us. Not a cloud in the sky, birds chirping and visiting friends; these beautiful things await us. Even Erroll is at home for half the day.

Two and a half years ago Kingsley met Sofia, Emma’s daughter. We went to the beach together. Today the ladies come over for morning tea and to play with the babies. Kingskey wants to show Sof his room and as Neanderthals do, wished to win her over by presenting her with some sort of tribute. His hands reach for the tupperware full of LEGO figurines. He stuffs a figurine into her hand and offers ‘I want you to have this…’.

Later on when the ladies are leaving he bids them farewell and ‘come again!’ Then he’s back to jumping all over Elektra who by the way is slowly becoming just as obsessed with her big bro as he is with her.

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05-04-17 First Day at School

Wednesday 5th April 2017

This is the picture pure sparking joy: Linus about to embark on his most significant adventure of life: acquiring an education.

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Saturday 23rd April 2017

New little friends get together today for a play. Its glorious weather but still not hot enough for a swim. So its the pethikī harā to pick moūra (berries) then onto the craggy seaside for sun and adventure. Its Spring and I’ve never before in my life seen a sea of poppies blistering red as they appear here. What a glorious sight. Linus hops through them delighted, calling them by their correct name Παπαρούνα.

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11-08-17 Oasis Centre T-Rex

Friday 11th August 2017

How exciting! Bus 21 is waiting outside Noor Metro Station the minute we step into the light; a first for us and so will be this bus ride to Oasis Centre. In fact Kingsley and I arrive


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21-09-18 Reunions with Linus

Friday 21st September 2018

After 5 fantastic adventure-filled days away as Mr & Mrs Hartley we finally have our reunion with Linus. It happens at 4:20pm in the Saronida where Jiajia has been looking after him, sending him off to school and feeding him dinners of his liking.

Going away as pregnant me and doting him for our baby moon was always our desire. A week on the island of Τζιά was dreamy. Abd necessary. Meanwhile our number one child got the royal treatment with his Jiajia. And not once over the week of our absence did Linus complain or cry. Too busy having a ball among his school friends.

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