First Iftar

Friday 1st July 2016

You know what is so very satisfying about being a full time mum (apart from everything about it) is that I get to live the many ‘firsts’ of Kingsley’s exciting existence. This evening, for example, we attended a community Iftar in our neighbourhood – Kingsley’s first. An online and  geographically centralized mummy group I am part of, the MyMotherClub of the Dubai International Financial Centre, put on a colourful, kid friendly and well catered for Iftar for our families.

Its 10pm now and for the past four hours Kingsley has been running, jumping, dancing, singing, playing and tousling with neighbourhood toddlers while us parents talk babies, sport (the husbands do anyway) and potty training (little Ruth is; Kingsley is not). Attempting to feed the kids as they run amok proves plain silly, so we resort to shoveling chicken nuggets and French fries into their mouths as they draw breath. Parents scoop mouthfuls of hummus onto pockets of Lebanese bread and mix up saffron rice with tandoori chicken. All delicious.

The scene on C-Level of Fendi House, where this Iftar is held, delightful: parents being social, kids getting along, and as a treat us mums receive complimentary manicure and pedicures. I now am groomed with ‘candy cane’ on hands and ‘red crush’ on footsies. Even Erroll made a new mate: Ruth’s dad, Chad: big on American Football, plays basketball and hails from near enough where Erroll’s dad lives. Win all round.

From Kingsley’s first Iftar, we wish you Ramadan Kareem.


About to enter Skygardens (formerly known as Fendi House) at the DIFC for Kingsley’s first Iftar.