09-09-17 Trail

Saturday 9th September 2017

Today’s special because Kingsley’s godmother celebrates her birthday all day. We called her, wrote messages and sent pictures but Marlen was busy. We hope busy partying and dancing. We forgive not calling us back if she was partying.

As for us we hit the beach. Via the park. Kingsley’s current obsessions are 1) finding empty snail shells and stomping on them; 2) collecting rubbish from the street and chucking it in the bin; 3) transforming into a ball boy for the racket players and soccer youths on the beach. Yesterday he spotted an abandoned supermarket trolley left in the park. He strongly insisted we (actually just he) wheel it across the park, down the street, across the road and up the ramp where he’d slide it amongst the rest of the trolleys. We weren’t to leave till he managed to insert the security key chain from one trolley to his ‘saved’ one. Meanwhile the sun is blazing and Kingsley is sweating. I am one patient Mummâ.

Below is some of our day trekking along the coastline. Home before 7pm to a feast. Lights out at 8:40pm.