21-07-18 Good Kid

Saturday 21st July 2018

As soon as we hit the beach this arvo you spot a boy and ask to play. He’s not chatty it seems nor even giving you attention, and his dad is preoccupied with entertaining his son. I spot what we’re dealing with straight away; it takes you a little longer.

It takes for me to squeeze your shoulder ever so tightly and to whisper that this boy needs gentleness; that you can’t take his toys away and run off with them. This boy wants to play with you, Δωρόθεο, but in his special way. He can’t communicate with words.

You get it immediately. Sitting down next to the child you try an alternate strategy: to play in a sharing fashion, enjoying each other without the use of words, passing this toy and that. He likes you and your boistrous style; you like his messiness and willingness to muck in.

Such a good boy today Kingsley. Mummà is really proud. Mwaa.