Kingsley: The Faimont, The Palm

Friday 5th September 2014

Only a couple more weekends till Kingsley and I fly to Greece for our vacations – where the infant will be dunked into the Aegean and will experience first hand his heritage and the cuisine of his forebears. But before then is this weekend, my long awaited rest from working like a Trojan these past weeks.

I am desperate for a break in the sun after being holed up in the office so long, I feel as though my bones are thinning from lack of Vitamin D and sun exposure. Coming to the rescue is Camilla who has invited Kingsley and I to spend the day at the newly opened Fairmont Hotel on the Palm with her and little Layla.

Here is what happiness looks like when mixing friends, cute kids, warm sunny weather, infinity pools, and luxury at every turn.

Fairmont The Palm 012

Camilla and Layla

Fairmont The Palm 018

After our first swim

Fairmont The Palm 027

Kingsley crashed out in the arms of our pool attendant

Fairmont The Palm 034

Kingsley is gifted a Toque Blanche by the head chef

Fairmont The Palm 041

Restaurant Manager and Chef with King

Fairmont The Palm 044

Enjoying the buffet lunch

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