14-03-20 Twins: Exhausted

Saturday 14th March 2020

These kids are being so oppositional with their naps and their sleep!! Tonight it took me hours – literally hours – to get Freudle asleep. So much rocking and hand holding. Even 2ml of Neurofen. His need to hold my hands over his face is incredibly touching. But geex darling just GO TO SLEEP. 

This mid morning I took the babies out for a walk far too late (I sanitised and bleached the bathroom lest corona virus attacks). All I heard as they lay in the double pram was crying and high emotions. Erroll came to the rescue took Keanu off me, leaving me with Elektra. Determined to give her a solid nap I walked all the way to Little Gingers Studio. Our girl still fast asleep till of course we stop walking, I apply the brakes, leave her for a minute to fetch Kingsley. Just a minute we’ve stopped! And she wakes!

This late arvo is worse: inconsolably restless the babies need their second nap as so Erroll takes them for a drive. Here is the scene after they cried themselves to the point of exhaustion…