Day 11: Decision Day

Thursday 25th February 2016

A wee patch of admominal fat is itching right now, a sensation I’ve not experience to date from all that maximum dose of Gonal-F I now routinely self inject. The burning itch is from new recruit Cetrotide which now accompanies the Gonal-F and has been added to my protocol because we don’t want this very expensive and much desired follicle to burst before it is harvested.

You see, today Erroll and I made the extremely difficult decision to proceed with ICSI despite only one follicle having developed over the past 11 days. Will this little fella, currently measuring 14mm, hold a golden egg inside of it? We dearly hope so…and with a prayer to the Big Guy, we agree to take the chance to proceed with ICSI.

There exist no guarantees with assisted fertility, but we were cognizant of all the unknowns…or so we thought. This curve ball has thrown us completely, for in past cycles (over three years ago, mind), Dr. Munira would always seem pleased with the batch of follicles she could engineer to grow. Sometimes six, sometimes five, but always more than today’s solitary one.

She granted us a half hour to consider our options: wave goodbye the already sunk costs of the past eleven days; that is, abandon this cycle, or take the chance that she may find an egg in theatre come Tuesday, her predicted egg retrieval day.

Weary but in consensus, we decide to proceed, and with that decision comes more injections and ever more prayers that Kingsley gets his sibling.

New recruit Cetrotide added to my protocol of maximum strength Gonal-F today

New recruit Cetrotide added to my protocol of maximum strength Gonal-F today