3rd Trimester: 28 weeks

Guess who I surprised with a whistlestop visit, Dubai to Sydney: my excellent parents! They’ve not seen me pregnant, and me desperate to be near them now that I have finished up 27 weeks of pregnancy, I asked sweetly for Erroll to find me a seat on a Boeing 777. One week at home, eating merrily away, the house cat Dorothea and my sisters Marlen and Sylvia at the ready for late night gossip sessions. Ahh, I am back!

Back in the northern summer of 2011 we reunited in the seaside town of Saronitha, Attika  Greece. Here my folks sea bathed and implored me to keep healthy for they were ready to be grandparents (again) only this time to mine and Erroll’s heir. This kicked off two years of us trying to conceive, and has culminated in my ‘situation’ this minute: carrying Erroll’s child. I thank my parents for their unwavering devotion to the faith that one day I would indeed be pregnant and produce their very much wanted fifth grandchild…

Mumma Dora and Papa Peter, Saronida, Atika Greece July 2011

Mumma Dora and Papa Peter, Saronida, Atika Greece July 2011

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  1. Anne Sinclair says:

    I love this pic so much Poodle Luv…it’s pure happiness x

  2. Kathy Hodson says:

    what a lovely thing to do for yourself and for your parents. Love I can only imagine the joy and yes the noise coming from the Tzannetis household. Bring tears to my eyes. Keep up the updates. Katya xx

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing I always look forward to reading your posts one of the few blogs I still follow home decorated

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