13-11-17 In Dubai

Monday 13th November 2017

I’ve none of the sadness I usually experience when returning to Dubai from abroad. No; this time I’m happy and high from the past 3 months of living in Greece. Plus I know we are on the countdown to leaving this desert place, living as a family in Saronida on temporary perpetual holidays come 1st June next year.

Today its lazy home living. I don’t even leave the apartment. Kingsley pleads for a play at the park, so the two lads leave while JiaJia Dora cooks up a feast. Kingsley’s ravenous by the time the men come home.. He gets carbo-loaded: french fries (while seated at the table) and spaghetti (while in the bath).

Three months of living as the Greeks do is now behind us. Kingsley’s Greek is sterling (as is expected after enrolment at preschool) and Erroll told me this evening that his English is coming along nicely. Kingsley was communicating like a champ while they were together at the swing set.

Back to reality however here is our alternate reality, one we live twice a year in the homeland…