17-09-19 Kingsley: Chess Award

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Today a certain calmness hangs over Casa Coogee. Its because Erroll isn’t flying: he’s with his family…which means I don’t stress over naps, feeds, cooking, playing with my eldest, feeding him, spending time lining up his favourite toys, dressing him in Oma’s PJs, taking videos and counting all the pennies in the platypus money box.

After jiu-jitsu and a Coles shop the lads come home and since the miracle that both babies are asleep simultaneously is occurring right now I have Linus all to myself. So rare! And I’m so calm and relaxed! And Kingsley senses it so conducts himself extra sweet and sincere.

Over a picnic dinner on his play mat (roast potatoes, elbow pasta & μπιφτέκια) we play Thomas the train and Daddy shows me the award Kingsley received at today’s Chess (yay; evidence he attended). And according to Kingsley he was given it for gaining his opponent’s Bishop!