17-12-17 A Very Haarleen Christmas

Sunday 17th December 2017

All morning Kingsley has been asking for Haarleen. Our tree is trimmed and beneath are all sorts of presents we’ll be exchanging when she and her bro, Aamrat, come over. From his excitement at this prospect Kingsley allows me to feed him up good: its a breakfast of champions consisting of two eggs, one banana, one Jazz apple and milk. We all know that once Haarleen arrives they’ll play hard.

Before however the kids give each other Christmas gifts they explore. Today’s games include ‘gone fishing’ and ‘cooking in the kitchen’. Within minutes the house is trashed, toys and books, pencils everywhere. I love it!

Santa was very generous to all three kids this year. They received Paw Patrol watches, Paw Patrol tooth brush holder & set, educational light up books (bless Aamrat he enjoyed banging on that in the highchair) and a jellyfish nightlight.

Kiddies ate a non stop feast: 1) apple juice & cookies; 2) buttery crumpets with hit chocolate; 3) french fries then 4) spaghetti. Omg preschoolers have a hunger.

By 2:30 the Panesars are heading out the door though Kingsley has a breakdown when he spots his white felt Santa bag in Haarleen’s hands. (Mumma failure giving away Kingsley’s things without his permission). The moment is saved when a dazed Haarleen gives back the bag minus all its contents and Kingsley then beams declaring ‘I love you, Haarleen’ kissing her many many times.

Successful visit! And then all afternoon these two played Fuseball – the birthday pressie given to Kingsley from his dearest, Haarleen…